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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

_____So the events all began in -s-i-x-t-h- sophomore year, Miles, Caysee, Chance, Ashlee, and the rest of their peers were in the auditorium for some emergency assembly. The whole room was buzzing with chatter, laughter, and a few suspicions, when their principal, Mr.Pentel, walked up to the podium. He waits and slowly, as everyone see's the look on his face, the auditorium's loud conversations morph into silence.
_____"It brings me great horror to announce that a student has been murdered in the girls restroom, today, during 4th period." He said, into the microphone.
_____The back doors opened and in walked Hanna Demp's parents, hey looked mortified and distraught, like their worst nightmare was no longer just a dream.
_____The school's "it" kid's faces showed a sudden wave of realization. Their eyes welled with tears at the same time.
_____"How could this happen?" Caysee whispered between heaving sobs.
_____"Baby, i wish i knew," Miles replied, his own voice showing signs of sadness. "But i do know that everything will be okay, i promise."
_____Meanwhile, the rest of the students looked shocked, some sad, almost all staring mindlessly at the now empty podium, Hanna's parents, or the sobbing popular kids sitting in the very back row.
_____I should probably explain that Hanna was the 5th wheel of the school's main clique. She always dated the hottest guys who couldn't quite make it to the top. She was the one you turned to in a fight. Her -b-l-a-c-k- -w-a-v-y- brown, long hair was always perfectly styled, not a hair out of place. Her -b-r-o-w-n- green eyes could bedazzle your heart.
_____Now, some how she was dead. Cold on the bathroom floor.
_____The assembly was over, people poured out of the main auditorium doors. Some looked scared, others sad, but a surprising number were just normal. They were back to gossiping, of course this was fresh meat to dissect, and doing that homework due next period.
_____This was the exact opposite reaction to the 4 remaining members of the main clique, who were still sobbing in the back row of the auditorium, now accompanied by Mr. and Mrs.Demp

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